Oliver the Ornament Deluxe Christmas Collection of Books #1 - #6, and 11 Ornaments

$299.95 USD $468.00

This is the collection of the first six books in the award-winning Oliver the Ornament Series. The collection also includes all 11 hand-painted gift-boxed ornaments. Oliver the Ornament is a seven-book series about one family's collection of ornaments. The first book in the series begins Thanksgiving night and the seventh book will end Christmas morning.

Through the magic of Christmas, the ornaments in our story come to life and tell the story how each of them entered the family's collection. The ornaments also teach the children valuable lessons, such as kindness, courage, friendship, determination and forgiveness.

The collection includes, Oliver the Ornament Gift Set (book and ornament), Oliver the Ornament Meets Belle Hard-Bound Book, Oliver the Ornament Meets Marley & Joan and Abbey Hard-Bound Book, Oliver the Ornament Meets Frasier and Merry Hard-Bound Book, Oliver the Ornament Meets Teddy and Norb Hard-Bound Book, and Oliver the Ornament Meets Edsel, Buck, and Crystal Hard-Bound Book. The collection also includes our beautifully hand-painted ornaments of Belle, Marley & Joan, Abbey, Frasier, Merry, Teddy, Norb, Edsel, Buck, Crystal, and Nellie. All those who purchase this collection will also receive:

Our narrated eBooks (a $75.00 value)

Christmas Memories (ornament collector's log book) 

Oliver the Ornament logo'd ornament