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Oliver The Ornament Boxed Gift Set for You and Your Favorite Teacher or School

  • $2995

Buy one now and a free copy will be sent to your favorite teacher or favorite school. Make the purchase and we'll send you an e-mail asking where you'd like the second copy to be sent. A note will be sent with the free copy with a special note from us naming your generosity (all free copies must be sent to a school). You can also choose to have both copies sent to teachers / schools.

Oliver the Ornament is the first in a series of seven books.  Each telling how the various ornaments entered the family's collection, each teaching children the important message of kindness, and each ending with a wonderful cliff-hanger, sure to excite the children for what's to come. Gift set comes with beautifully illustrated book, and hand-painted ornament of Oliver.

Oliver the Ornament has been named by People Magazine as one of their Best New Books, it has been featured on Fox & Friends as one of the Hottest New Toys, and was selected to be read by the First Lady at Children's National Hospital in a 70-year tradition.


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